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Aenea - Perennial EP

Aenea – Perennial EP

The fact that the album was released in 2011 should not make you overlook it, for it is one pretty damn fine piece of music! San Diego’s Aenea made some really strong progressive metal even in an age shrouded in djent copycats. For your information, this band isn’t one.

Deciding to ditch the new “progressive metal” sound (note the quotation marks andthe italic letters) in favour of the more…

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Kevin Suter - Pathways

Kevin Suter – Pathways

Warp Prism’s guitarist Kevin Suter is releasing a so-called small EP that is in fact longer than some albums, at just under 30 minutes. This is a first good news! Another one being that it’s absolutely fantastic and a great listen.

Tagged only as “experimental metal”, I’d prefer the designation “instrumental progressive metal”, as I think it’s more representative of the work here. A nice mix of…

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The odious news concerning The Odious

The odious news concerning The Odious

Über bummer alert : The Odious, the ever-impressing, talented and original band from Portland, those who brought us That Night A Forest Grew and the over-the-top Joint Ventures, the same ones who dared not blend a lot of stuff into their musical blender… Yes… these guys! The Odious is on hiatus!


Here’s the sad news, from the mouth of Spencer :

It is with a heavy heart that…

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Peculate’s album Fiscal Cliffs now available for download on our bandcamp!

Peculate’s album Fiscal Cliffs now available for download on our bandcamp!

If you still needs reasons to go and check out the band of the insanely talented Ben, I don’t think it will help to tell you that it’s an experimental jazz-classical-metal fusion kind of thing. Well, it’s now on our own bandcamp page, as well as on Peculate‘s official one, and after you check it out, take some time to take a listen to all the other amazing, experimental, out-of-the-box, weird,…

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/r/CTEBCM subreddit is up and running!

/r/CTEBCM subreddit is up and running!

/r/CTEBCMHey guys! I’ve just created a subreddit for the blog! I think this will help you, and us, discovering new music by users suggestions, and also be more efficient in spreading the word about awesome music! For now, it might feel kinda blank ’cause it’s the first day, but fear not, we will bring life into it!

So feel free to share awesome music links so that we might come to listen to it, and maybe…

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OhBree - Death By Broomstick

OhBree – Death By Broomstick

Ever wished that poppy folk-ish music existed with brass, variations, a bit of prog and a bit of jazz? You got Sufjan Stevens, who does incredible stuff. If that’s too mellow for you, and you feel like partying more, or dancing even, well here comes OhBree with all the aforementioned elements, plus the element of surprise! Ah ha!

Am I comparing a petty little unknown band to the almighty god of…

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FANGE - Poisse available for free download

FANGE – Poisse available for free download

This newly formed French trio arose suddenly from its murky slosh, with an album that will definately create quite a buzz around their name. FANGE consists of Baptiste Gautier-Lorenzo – drums (BRAIN PYRAMID), Benjamin FANGE PoisseMoreau – guitars, backing vocals, noise (HUATA) and Jean-Baptiste Lévêque – vocals, noise. Taking into consideration each member’s musical backround, one can be sure that Poissewill…

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