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OhBree - Death By Broomstick

OhBree – Death By Broomstick

Ever wished that poppy folk-ish music existed with brass, variations, a bit of prog and a bit of jazz? You got Sufjan Stevens, who does incredible stuff. If that’s too mellow for you, and you feel like partying more, or dancing even, well here comes OhBree with all the aforementioned elements, plus the element of surprise! Ah ha!

Am I comparing a petty little unknown band to the almighty god of…

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FANGE - Poisse available for free download

FANGE – Poisse available for free download

This newly formed French trio arose suddenly from its murky slosh, with an album that will definately create quite a buzz around their name. FANGE consists of Baptiste Gautier-Lorenzo – drums (BRAIN PYRAMID), Benjamin FANGE PoisseMoreau – guitars, backing vocals, noise (HUATA) and Jean-Baptiste Lévêque – vocals, noise. Taking into consideration each member’s musical backround, one can be sure that Poissewill…

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Mind[s]peak - Pictures

Mind[s]peak – Pictures

Talk about something refreshing! Mind[s]peak‘s new, and apparently first, album Pictures is one chunk of progressive metal madness! Reminiscent of Dream Theater, Spock’s Beard, King Crimson, and Yes all at once, this female-fronted band really delivers!

Their music is quite instrumental-heavy, but vocal sections are always throughly worked and layered with multiple voices, which is interesting,…

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Numbers - Three

Numbers – Three

We usually don’t post anything that is metalcore but Numbers has some magic going on. Now to start off this review let us take a moment to recognize how great this album sounds. This is due to Aaron Smith’s excellent production work. What really stands out to me is how great the electronic backing tracks blend with the band. You can check out his site if you want to hear what else he has worked…

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Omniataxia - Omniataxia (2012)

Omniataxia – Omniataxia (2012)

You know you’re in for a treat when the tags “ambient experimental free jazz improv metal noise post rock” show up on bandcamp, and when the band respects the tags they’ve used! Omniataxia‘s been on my computer for quite a while, and I might have unconsciously forgotten about it until the blind hand of the music randomizer chose the song Scatterwhiteand gently played it to me. Half-asleep, I…

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The Band 3 releases new single “Sugarlife”

The Band 3 releases new single “Sugarlife”

Progressive rock band 3 from Woodstock, NY have just released a new single Sugarlife as part of an effort to release new material in a more frequent manner. Their goal is to release a brand new song on the 3rd of every month, until they have enough for a full length album, which will then be released on CD and on Vinyl.

This song is the first piece of new material the band has released since…

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The Project Hate MCMXCIX Donation Experiment 2

The Project Hate MCMXCIX Donation Experiment 2

Sweden’s progressive industrial symphonic electronic black death metal act The Project Hate MCMXCIX are soon on their way to record their upcoming album, whose name is still to be announced. With $8 000 gathered over $10 000 needed for the album’s recording and production, they are pretty close to be done with this donation experiment!

Don’t miss the opportunity to support an awesome band! If…

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CTEBCM now hosting on bandcamp!!!

CTEBCM now hosting on bandcamp!!!

Good news everyone!

We are now implementing a new service for y’all : We’ll promote and host album streams and downloads over our bandcamp page!!!

promoThe benefits are multiple: the platform of the blog has already gathered numerous readers in two years, and it’s a specialized crowd, knowing that when they come here, it’s for underground, often experimental stuff; our bandcamp page will put at one…

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Bisbâyé - Gestalt (2013)

Bisbâyé – Gestalt (2013)

Polyrhythmic anger and dissonant mathematics. That’s how I would describe Bisbâyé‘s album. Rarely have I listened to music where polyrhythms truly feel polyrhythmic. On Gestalt, there’s no doubt you’ll feel each separate rhythmic pattern on its own, thanks to the ingenious arrangement of the drums and guitars, and it creates such an unnatural, counter-intuitive, and mesmerizing feel.

The band’s…

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